Plein air Painting and Drawing


Tom. J. Byrne

Each VIDA product is uniquely produced in small quantities.

By reducing the steps in the manufacturing process between the weaver and the designer more money gets to build a sustainable foundation for the future of both communities and less is taken by the middleman, because they don't need to. This is a part of the ethical commerce process.

The relationship between suppliers and the fabric mills is strong ensuring workers earn a fair wage and that VIDA receives a stable supply of high quality materials.

While VIDA cannot currently guarantee Fair Trade or Peace Silk fabrics, they focus on their workers.

Their education and well being is the first priority. VIDA are working tirelessly with production locations on development programs for their workers and on sustainable partnerships to reduce poverty and increase education while making beautiful things.

VIDA are glad that the community shares our passion for sustainable sourcing and every day they are working towards improving every aspect of the products and how they are produced.

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VIDA & ehtical relationships

Reduce poverty, increase education, make beautiful things.




Fair Trade




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